Streetopia Jozi

Posted on Fri October 4, 2019.

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Afrika Burn, in collaboration with the Jozi Burners collective and the Melville community, are working together to create an event that sees the streets come alive for a day of colour, creativity and good vibrations.

It's free, and everyone's invited to participate as we fill the streets of Melville with art, craft, performance, stalls and good vibes! Roll up, roll up - it's time to gather your art, wits and costumes and get into the streets for Streetopia!

It all kicks off at 10h00 and the official event schedule closes at 18h00 - so come along and volunteer, participate and be part of our first year's excursion onto the streets of eGoli. Streetopia's a community-based event - it's not a headline-act affair - so you're invited to participate.

Spend your evening in the heart of Hyde Park at Mont d’Or Hyde Park. Book now at